Ethnological Museum Addis Ababa

Inside the Ethnological Museum, the ways of life from birth to death are illustrated for visitors in vivid detail. This cultural and artistic hub touches on all aspects of Ethiopian culture from history to religion.

Comprehensive information about the people and cultures of Ethiopia, beginning with ancient history and extending all the way forward to more modern traditions, are all arranged and brought to life with contextual information and priceless artefacts.

The museum’s two floors are divided into customs and traditions and cultural highlights; each section displays unique artefacts from military uniforms to paintings, musical instruments and childhood games.

The collection of icons is a particular favorite with visitors, along with the bathrooms and sleeping rooms of the last Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie.

The National Museum

The National Museum It is located near the Addis Ababa University’s graduate school.

At the basement, the museum houses such unique displays as Lucy – Dinqinesh’s 3.5 million year old fossilized skeleton. This is a very unusual experience by itself – coming face to face with vivid remains of a humanoid that lived millions of years ago! Only fifty meters or so away from the museum, modern humanity goes about its life and ways with little time to pause and think about the past.

The first floor houses artifacts, sculptures, dresses, tablets, etc from all corners of Ethiopia; some of them dating to the early days of human civilization. Scripts on tablets of thousands of years of age give one a perspective of looking at the origins of the Ethiopic Feedel right in the face. The war and ceremonial dresses, thrones, and accessories of historical figures also adorn the first floor

Open daily · 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: +251 11 111 7150

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