Saying it with flowers: Hola Quito!

Cargolux Airlines has added Quito to a four-times a week roundtrip B747 freighter service that links Luxembourg, Curitiba and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Mexico City and Amsterdam.

The airline introduced direct flights from South and Central America to Amsterdam last year to serve the country’s flower markets.In 2015, Ecuador cut flower exports totaled US$761 million with 41 percent going to the U.S., 18 percent to Russia, 9.5 percent to the Netherlands and 3.8 percent to Spain.

The Dutch share of world flower exports is 43 percent according to a 2016 report from the country’s Rabobank. Colombia, Kenya, Ecuador and Ethiopia passed the Netherlands’ share in 2015 and now account for 44 percent in global cut flower exports. In 2014 the share was 33 percent and in 2005, 25 percent.

In addition to Ecuador, the top cut flower exporters by value were the Netherlands (US$3.53 billion); Colombia, (US$1.3 billion); Kenya, (US$653 million) and Ethiopia, (US$605 million).

In 2015 the top importers were the U.S., (US$1.55 billion); the Netherlands, (US$1.23 billion); Germany, (US$1.17 billion); the UK, (US$1.01 billion) and Russia, (US$496 million).


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