Ethiopia’s most popular Chinese mobile brand launches new model

Ethiopia’s most popular Chinese mobile brand TECNO has launched its newest Smartphone “Spark” at a colorful ceremony in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

Mohammed Hasseni, Marketing Manager of TECNO Mobile Ethiopia, said over the weekend his company launched the new smartphone product to maintain TECNO’s dominant position in the lucrative Ethiopian market.

“TECNO is special from other brands because of the price and quality ratio, TECNO mobile has the best quality with the best affordable price,” added Hasseni.

Li Yanhong, manager at sales department of TECNO Ethiopia, added that the new smartphone targets Ethiopia’s predominantly young population.

“TECNO Spark will focus on the middle end customers of younger demographic. We give them very nice products with affordable price, this is the advantage of our new mobile phone,” said Li.

While Smartphones are becoming popular in Ethiopia with young people preferring them especially for their camera quality, price is a big issue for a still largely poor country.


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