Four Days in Ethiopia

When I first arrived in Ethiopia, I had no idea what I was going to do! Ethiopia is a huge country lacking significantly in infrastructure making travel through the various regions quite difficult. Most come to Ethiopia to visit the ancient religious temples in the north only second to those in Egypt or the isolated tribes and massive wildlife reserves of the south. But on a short amount of time, these sights are mostly out of reach to even the most ambitious traveler.

Less known and equally as interesting are Ethiopian’s eastern lowlands and the ancient Islamic city of Harar. While just under a nine hour bus ride from the capital, Harar allows travelers to truly feel lost in time among the spice markets and winding streets of this city located deep in the Horn of Africa. Less visited than the other sites in Ethiopia, these mainly Somali-inhabited lowlands will give even the most well-seasoned travelers a true authentic travel experience they’ll be telling their friends about for years. If you want to travel back in time and really feel like Indiana Jones without days riding buses then Harar is the city for you.


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